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We Updated Our Company terms & conditions. Here is Listed all.

Service Terms and Conditions

*Dream Web Host is a Sri Lankan Registered Company.These Following Conditions apply For Our All Services.If you have broken any following conditions we are Terminate Your Service at any time. 1) We Are given 30 Day Full Money Back Guaranty Off All Yearly base Shared Hosting Packages.We Are given 3 Day Full Money Back Guaranty Off All monthly and quarterly base shared Hosting Packages.We not offer any refund to VPS or Dedicated Servers.After the End of Money Back Guaranty Time, We are not refunded Your Money for any Reason you need to continue the End of Your Service Period. 2) We do not allow you any illegal activity and any sexual or Adult Content. 3) We will not take any responsibility for your data if you used Null Scripts, Illegal Scripts, and Cracked Scripts.

How to cancel Service?

1)If you are submitting Cancel Request Then it Process within 24 Hours.If you are in Money Back Guaranty time we are fully refunded your Money.

2) We Highly Recommend Backup of Your needed Data if you will not renew our service.Your Account is will Temporary Suspended due day 9.00AM Sri Lanka Time,if not paid before.If you do not any response after Suspend or not Payment with next three days your Service is will Permanently terminated(3day pass Due day).

3) If Not need renew but You Need Backup your data,Please Request Using Support ticket.Then we send 10$ Invoice for give backup,after paid we Unsuspend Service for 24 hours.After pass that 24 hours we terminated all data,Can't restore data after terminated.

4) We will add 5$ Credit you if you prove with proof that you failed to provide 99.9% of our service guarantee period following condition,However you must have used at least six months of service to implement this condition.If you brocken Service conditions (Spam Mail Send,Used null or illegal script,Trademark violation and Other Local and International rules) We Inform to you immediately,If Not You resolve or Respond with 12 Hours we permanently Terminated Your Service.We Not give any refund or backup that violation reason.

How to work Backup Service?

We have a Save one Backup of your data Monthly. But we cannot process the following reasons. * We will not take any responsibility for your data if any item exceeds the minimum Resource limit of 50%.(Especially Ram, Disk Space,I nodes limits, etc.) * We will not take any responsibility for your data if you used Null Scripts,Illegal Scripts and Cracked Scripts. * If DDOS Attack came to your site we have Protected Your Data. * We can change any terms and conditions to the company at any time. * IF Server Main Disk Fail,We Restore latest day Backup of we have.But Your Resonsibility Get backup Continuously.

How to work Our Support Service?

*Our Sales and billing team Working Sri Lanka Time (GMT+05.30) 7.00AM to 9.00PM.there support using Live chat,Call Support (Number:0741250378) or WhatsApp (Number:0741250378) only.

*Our Technicle team Working Sri Lanka Time (GMT+05.30) 6.30AM to 10.00PM.There Support using Live Chat and Support ticket only.After 10.00PM We Support Ticket only.After pass 10.00PM Receved Ticket we will Reply Next Day Morning after 6.30AM. After 10.00PM to Next Day Morning 6.30AM We Only attend Server Related Problems and License Related Problem Only.

*Most Importn Reason is We not Fix any website related Problem.It's Your Responsibility.We Can only give hint for fix Your Problem.We Only fix Server Related Problems and License Related Problem Only.

*Other Most Importn Reason is You need Request backup Restoration only using Support Ticket.After Full Restoration Canot undone.That Cpanel All sites Restore request date.

*Server Full Control only We have.Server Changes or any Software Updates We can made any time with or without Notification for Customers.But We Inform Some Major Updates for Customers.But Thats Not Compulsory.

*Our All New Updated We listed Web Page in Our Customer Client Area.Thats regulary Check Your Responsibility.

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Support Team

Dream Web Host (Pvt) Ltd

Wednesday, August 2, 2023

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